Friday, October 12, 2012

Trick or Treat

New Halloween themed product :

When looking at the ELA Common Core State Standards, regardless of the specific grade level, it is easy to see that the ability for students to understand some key words and concepts that are the foundation of the expectations of the CCSS would be extremely helpful.  I have pulled 28 terms from the standards that are common across 5th through 8th grade and created a study sheet that can be given to each child.  It is foldable so that children can quiz themselves by hiding the term or the definition  - just like flashcards, but on 1 piece of paper, rather than 28 separate cards for them to lose. (I Middle School!)

Next, I have created a review game called TRICK OR TREAT.  The setup and game play are both very simple, but the element of surprise makes this game one your students will want to play again and again!

Click {HERE} to visit my online store and get a closer look at this fun way to review the vocabulary that is necessary for our students to be successful with the Common Core.

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