Just click on the images below for links to post that explain the use of each product as well as the Google Docs link for the freebie.  Any feedback in a comment would be so greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!


Short Response Practice - A great quote from Henry Ford is used to practice the RACE response to a short answer question

Check out the rest:
Valentine's Day Fill-in Parts of Speech Practice - A fun Mad-Lib style practice for parts of speech

Perfect Pairs - The theme for February's cooperative learning tool to form 4 different student pairs that can be quickly used anytime during class.

Valentine's Day Bookmarks - Quick gift for your students - just print and cut apart four designs that both middle school boys and girls will like.

Puzzle Me This...Prefixes - A 12-square puzzle that requires your students' knowledge of prefixes and their meanings to put together.

My Vocabulary Keeps Growing! - A graphic organizer that your students can use to help infer meanings of new words in a text by analyzing its root and affixes

My New Year's Resolutions - A Mad Lib style fill-in-the-blank passage that, when completed by choosing words that correspond with the given parts of speech, will give a whole new meaning to goal setting for the new year

Winter Wonders - January's edition of my cooperative learning pairs strategy

Formative Assessment Sheet - Christmas Edition - This Christmas themed page is the perfect way to get a snapshot of the learning in your classroom.  A generic version of this idea is available below.

A Letter From Santa - A fun way to review parts of speech, this Mad Lib style fill-in-the-blank activity is sure to keep you and your kiddos giggling while they learn.

Festive Friends - The December version of my strategy to create cooperative learning pairs.  The post found in this link will tell you how to use it and provide with an opportunity to grab the FREEBIES for November and October as well.

Thanksgiving Bookmarks - A thoughtful way to show our gratitude for our students - by sharing with them what gratitude means to others.

Independent Reading Bookmark - This a great way for students to practice those all-important during reading skills AND keep their notes with the book, marking the pages as they go.

Grateful Gabbers - November version of my cooperative learning strategy.  The post that you find in the link will explain how to use it with your class.

Halloween Bookmarks - Just print, cut and laminate if you choose - Great treats for the kiddos!

Peer Editing Sheet - My blog post provides a link to the freebie and explains how I use it in class. Just my click the image below to check it out.

Terrifying Twosomes - Here's an image linked to my blog post that explains my creative way to make cooperative learning fun and efficient, too.

Fall...Into a Good Book!

As students fill this out, papers can be collected and displayed on your fall bulletin boards.  Encourage your
colleagues to fill these out as well.  Kiddos love to see what we're reading, too! Just click above. :)


Here is where you will find links to freebies found at my TpT Store.  There are new products for middle school being added all of the time, so check back often!

Daily Plan Template - my template for lesson plans with a focus on connecting to Common Core Learning Standards

Ticket Out the Door - a form for easy formative assessment

Work Order - help your students manage their time for long-term assignments

Formative Assessment Sheet - one simple place for students to record their thoughts for a "Do Now," 2 "Stop, Think & Shares" and a "Ticket Out the Door."  It can be handed in at the end of the period, and you then have 4 formative assessments on one paper! :)

AND....Check out even more great FREEBIES for a variety of grade levels at these blogs:



  1. Just downloaded all 4. Great job! Looking forward to more at your store.

    1. That's wonderful! Thank you! I'm working on more Common Core aligned materials to be added soon.


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