Monday, February 11, 2013

A Quote for Short Response Practice

There's no better time than now, as we approach the marathon that is the test taking season, to not only practice strategies for success, but to inspire success as well.

Share this quote, one of my favorites, and use it to empower your students.  Give them time to reflect and make them think about how it could apply to their own lives while practicing RACE - a tried and true "formula" for answering short response questions:

Click HERE to download and print a copy.  Project the quote and use the question sheet (which also includes the quote) for your students' responses.  Share answers and discuss how powerful a positive attitude can be!

I hope that both you and your students find this freebie helpful.  I'm linking this post to Classroom Freebies' Manic Monday for February 11th.  Be sure to click on the link and check out all of the great resources available to you!

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  1. Love this!! Too cute! :)


  2. Great idea! I had that quote on my classroom wall but never used it as a writing prompt. Thanks for the idea and the handout.

    1. Thanks, Tami! This quote has always been one of my favorites. Thank you for stopping by.


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