Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently - Awesomesauce!!

I saw so many of these posts over the last month and wasn't really sure how it worked...until now. Turns out, each month Oh' Boy 4th Grade hosts a really sweet linky party.  This is such a fun way to get involved in the teacher-blogger community and learn about other teacher-authors!  Thanks for the opportunity, Farley...and heeeerrrreee's my November:

Listening:  It's funny how kids really subscribe to the "out of sight - out of mind" principle.  We've had some old toys in a box for several months now, and our son has not mentioned them once.  Today I brought the box up from the basement to go through some more things that we can donate to those who have lost everything in the wake of Sandy...and now everything in the box is his favorite.  Lesson learned.

Loving:  I so adore the first few snowflakes that fall from the sky and blanket the muddy fall ground in a blanket of white.  My adoration wanes shortly after the holidays...but for now, Yay!!

Thinking:  Fall Back Day (what our family calls it) had once been of my favorite days of the year.  That has changed since having our son.  There is no sleeping in anymore.  It is 6am every morning...except for Fall Back Day when it is 5am.  I always have great hopes and seem to forget the previous year's lack of sleep.  I worked on some projects a little later than usual last night knowing I had the extra hour, but this morning our son informed us that though he knew what the clock said, his brain told him the clocks were wrong.  Oh well, nothing a little extra java can't fix.  And the flip-side is we have an extra hour that my hubby and I are spending with our greatest little love! :)

Wanting:  Nothing like roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits to accompany the first snowflakes!

Needing:  Added to my to do-list ASAP...Teachers Help Teachers is a link for anyone who can help those teachers who have lost so much - including teaching resources - as a result of Hurricane Sandy tearing through the East Coast.  Here is the link if you would like to learn more about this and would like to help:

I plan on linking a product donation today. 

Music: I know.  Christmas music already.  Crazy...but it makes me SO happy!  Our son has been singing "Frosty the Snowman" since Tuesday when he had his first "snowday" from Kindergarten.  It was actually a hurricane day (Who knew in upstate New York?!) without snow.  He was a little confused, perhaps, but it put me in the spirit nonetheless.  

That's what I'm doing currently.  That was so much fun!  Click on mine above to check out the link for Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share what you're doing currently, too.


  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Lucky...I love the snow! It doesn't snow much in TX....but love to getaway to where it does snow :)

  2. I would like snow if I got to stay inside. I went to college in the Rockies and had enough wet feet to last me a lifetime. :] I've been listening to the new Lady Antebellum Christmas album already so I don't think you're nuts. :]

  3. Yes! Another snow lover! There is something magical about the first snow. I like your music choice!

    Apples and Papers

  4. Wow snow already? LOL. I LOVE how snow looks as it covers the ground and the trees, I just wish it stay off the driveway and roads! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog


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